Technical Work In the Grad School Pipeline

Machine Learning Applications to Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Raw EHR collected has many constraints on privacy and missing data. How can we begin to understand multiple chronic conditions and heart failure using Electronic Health Records from a hospital? Our group is interested in patient subtyping to understand comorbidities.

Time-Series Analysis of Autonomous Driving Platform: KITTI Vision Benchmarking Suite

Using a well-known dataset of car routes in Germany, we will perform time-series analysis of of IMU, GPS, LIDAR, and monocular / stereo video. Kalman filters on imu+gps, video processing (deep learning or traditional computer vision), object tracking or classification.

NLP Sentiment Analysis: Identifying Op-Ed Authors

Define what sarcasm means to you. Some say it is synonymous with lying; some say it is negative and nihlistic. I am working on applying sentiment analysis to a corpus of New York Times Op-Eds.