Hello world!

I enjoy all aspects of working with data: ingesting, munging, visualizing, modeling, and deploying applications. I love collaborating and helping teams make sense of complex data sets.

I’m a team player and believe no task is too small. I like the process of understanding a domain by performing repetitive tasks as well as the high-level process of brainstorming new feature improvements. My last several projects were in the security, privacy, fraud, and open source spaces.

Previously I studied Statistics at the University of California, Davis. In the last couple years, I worked at several start ups and nonprofits. I’m grateful for my scholarship to the M.S. program New College of Florida, where I recently had the opportunity to return to school.

I’m seeking full-time roles in 2019.

In my free time, I enjoy learning from programming communities. I have assisted with R-Ladies San Francisco and Girls Who Code Summer Programs, as well as co-founded R-Ladies Sarasota.