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Jupyter Notebook Extensions

I’m a big fan of literate programming. A week may past or a year and it’s quite easy to forget what we spent all this time working on!

That’s why I’m excited about the development going into Anaconda Extensions, which is similar to RStudio Addins.

Here are two features I want to highlight:

Changing environments within the notebook

Previously if I forgot to activate the correct environment, I would have to quit the kernel, change directories, and then launch jupyter notebooks again.

$ source activate name-of-my-environment
$ jupyter notebook
# oh snap, I'm in the wrong directory
# quit the kernel by typing control c 
$ cd into/my/deeply/nested/folder

# repeat the above process again :(
$ source activate name-of-my-environment
$ jupyter notebook

With the extension, I can just change the environment within the Jupyter notebook. Praise this GUI!
Choose your environment

Make presentations directly from the notebook!

This is awesome, you can directly add images and code to presentation slides. No more screen shots and saved images piling up in presentation folders.

Let’s squelch the Python vs R debates

Just use the tool that works best for the problem at hand. Happy coding!